mercedes cadillac (analog/rough mix)
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Misha's Lyric - 'Love the title/concept, great story. Warm, swinging melody. Sounds like one of those songs that becomes a classic.'
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September 01, 2008
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4:30 minutes
Jeremy Gripp © 2007
Story behind the song
1) vocal JG 2) big guild; warm strum KL 3) acoustic bass RG 4) fat miller; lead DC 5) electric rythmn guitar (JG) 6) 7) little brittle guild; carter style hammer&lifts (JG) 8) percussion - casio (Drums like a machine)
Mercedes Cadillac I’m fifteen years old and I Quit going to school last week Something I saw turned me Full grown man overnight First the window rattled and The floorboards started to creak I looked outside and saw her Stepping out into the light Took me less than one hot minute To commit my first mortal sin I shook myself so hard and fast I thought I had a heart attack And to think this wasted life of Throwing dice and drinking gin Began the first time I laid eyes on Mercedes Cadillac She's long and lean Sleek and black There’s never been a woman Like Mercedes Cadillac Pa told me if I think about her too much I might end up going blind Ma said “forget about her That girl just ain’t our kind” Elanor the girl next door told me Not to come around no more My priest says only an exorcist Can save me from Satan’s whore She's built for speed With a touch of class God must of broke the mold The day he made Mercedes Cadillac (BREAK) I’ve been waiting On the curb all week Hoping that she'll come back I think I lost my heart to Mercedes Cadillac I got my old suitcase down And I’m starting to pack Been a month gone by since The night I saw her drive away I’ll hit each town on the highway And search in every nook and crack I guess I’ll keep on searching Even if it takes until my dying day Mister someday I’m gonna find her Then I’m gonna bring her back On that day I’ll make An honest woman of Mercedes Cadillac