Piss On Yer Shoes
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A 3:00AM one off about male futility
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May 04, 2008
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Jerg Ripp © 2007
Story behind the song
Kenny Leal (bass)and I (guitar/vocal)were in the process of painstakingly rerecording previously uploaded material that has incurred the disdain of many SC peers for being slipshod and poorly recorded- We tossed this beauty off just for the glee of uploading it and brandishing it in the hallowed corridors of the critics corner.
Piss On Your Shoes Well I spent all my time and money paying those lover boy dues But you never gave a damn so now I thought of something new Next time we meet, I’m going to piss all over your shoes Girl you’re a delicate creature and I know you easily bruise But you ought to know by now I’d never lay a finger on you I’m just gonna walk right up and piss all over your shoes Chorus Whip it out and let it flow That’s what I’m gonna do Little red rover gonna come on over And piss on the classiest part of you Yeah piss all over those shoes BREAK REPEAT CH Once upon a time invisible me fell in love with omnipotent you Then I guess Bo Peep got bored and left this little boy blue What can a poor boy do ‘cept piss all over your shoes Last week we were at the same party so I said “how do you do” Then you stood there acting like I was someone you barely knew Bet you’ll never forget the guy who pissed all over your shoes Begin with first verse of Dead Flowers end with chorus Except change “roses on your grave w/piss all over…”