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'Breaking rocks in the hot sun.........'
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August 29, 2007
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Jerg Ripp © 2007
Story behind the song
tile was "razor face" until I remembered it was the name of an old Elton John song...and that same night I was watching an episode of Oz and well you know the rest.. Jeremy- vocals, acoustic guitar, harp Dan Carroll - electric & 12 string guitars Kenny Leal- Bass Casio- water torture metronome
Hey now Jailface Are you still getting back at the human race? Jailface don't believe in the law of gravity Someday the law gonna put you in you place Better keep running now .....Jailface Hey now Jailface Is that fear I see in your eyes now Mr. Hardcase? Every caged bird dreams of flight Caged bird never learned how to hide in plain sight Better slip back into the night Jailface Freedom is everything, freedom bring confusion Kingdoms come of anything, kingdoms of delusion (break) Hey now Jailface What are you doing back in this place? Your hair is grey soon they won't step out of your way It's the ones like you who disapear without a trace And get replaced by another they call Jailface