little miss lucy
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December 07, 2007
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Ask your daughter......
V ! she keeps a black lightbulb burning in her bedroom lamp and he satin sheets always feel a little warm and damp she's got a bad reputation; they call her a tramp But she's the girl for me V 11 She's got plenty of lovers in town but I don't care Cuz whenever I need her, she's always there Pretty baby answers the door in her pink underwear Well she's the girl for me CHORUS Little Miss Lucy may I see you tonight Little Miss Lucy makes me feel alright First she pours me a drink; she knows I've had a long day Then Little Miss Lucy makes the world go away BRIDGE I ain't never been a ladies man No I'm not the kind who goes and paints the town Still I always thought someday I'd find true love but true love let me down BREAK - REPEAT CHORUS There's a lot of stray between right and wrong And there's a lot of grey between weak and strong All I know is I'm willing to pay for a place I feel I belong She's the girl for me