opportunity knocks
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Song I created for the 2012 GC Tard Wars after watching The Dust Bowl on PBS and listening to Woody Guthrie
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December 10, 2012
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Jerg Ripp © 2012
Story behind the song
Tard Wars round one creation that didn't debut until round 3 because my recording technology was(is) too limited or bug ridden - fortunately, brother John, who was visiting, whipped out his IPhone 8 and said let's try this - Well, this is it - a raw, unmixed, unedited, unprocessed performance from Siri, Brother John, Casio and me, Duffycat.
I'm ain't gonna waste my time Crying anymore Or watch my life go Slipping away There's a big, blue world waiting Right outside my door I'm going to open up and Let it in today I'm through knocking opportunity I'm going to open the door Next time opportunity knocks I'm going to shout until those deaf ears hear me I'll slap down anyone who Dogs me round I got two good eyes it's time I started seeing Those jokers and clowns when They come around No more false bravado It's time I walk my talk I'm not knocking opportunity Next time opportunity knocks Knock knock who cares? I wasn't going anywhere Now I jump out my chair Open to whatevers out there Maybe you and I can build a bridge Together we can learn To make it stand Maybe alll the tools we ever needed Were always right there In our hands And don't go knocking opportunity ......