Ordinary Man (acoustic version)
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Featuring Donovan Plant
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November 14, 2009
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Ray Bertram / Robert Baitinger / Donovan Plant © Ray Bertram / Robert Baitinger / Donovan Plant
Story behind the song
Ordinary Man (acoustic version) Music & lyrics: Ray Bertram, Donovan Plant, Robert Baitinger All instruments: Robert Baitinger Vocals: Donovan Plant Production: Robert Baitinger, Donovan Plant
Ordinary Man (Ray Bertram / Robert Baitinger / Donovan Plant) Verse 1: He gets up every morning Every ordinary day He gets ready, goes to work In an ordinary way What he likes is normal What he does, routine He lives out his Ordinary dream Chorus: Oooh, ordinary man Oooh, he does the best he can Every ordinary day Every ordinary night Of his very very Ordinary life He's hard to hold back He's hard to understand Because he's An ordinary man Oooh, ordinary man Verse 2: The whole world just spins and spins So completely unaware Of this ordinary man With his ordinary cares But it don't bother him He don't even know That's the way that Ordinary goes Chorus Bridge: We chase after We race after The extraordinary When there's treasure Beyond measure In the ordinary Chorus Copyright (C) 2009 All rights reserved