All These Years (feat. Alina Potthoff)
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April 16, 2018
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ALL THESE YEARS Verse 1: You stole my heart and my soul You took but never gave How dare you ask for a chance When you know there's no way You smiled and you pretended You acted out your role You were so believable You really stole the show Chorus: All these years Wasted loving you All these tears I cried for you All these years Saying I love you All these years Not a word was true Verse 2: You are the great pretender Go ahead and take a bow You've had the cake and ate it Despite your wedding vows It even hurts to hate you And that's what gets to me It's over and I know it But love won't set me free Chorus Bridge: I'd like to start all over Some place far from here But I'm not sure if I can After all these years Chorus Lyrics: Carroll Kiphen Music: Robert Baitinger Piano: Robert Baitinger Vocals: Alina Potthoff