The Girl From Yesterday (feat. Tara-Lynn Sharrock)
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Music: Tran Le Quynh Lyrics: Robert Baitinger
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November 03, 2015
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Robert Baitinger / Tran Le Quynh
The Girl From Yesterday Verse 1: Remember when we said goodbye It hurt so much I couldn't cry You asked for time on your own, time without me I felt cold and empty Verse 2: We vowed that we would meet again Some distant day, like two old friends I sensed in the tone of your voice, you still loved me I cried out before you walked out the door Chorus: Don't forget the girl from yesterday Never let these memories fade away A twist of fate will hopefully bring Our hearts back together I'll always be the girl from yesterday The one who made the sun shine when it rained Love will return if it's so true That's what I hope that it will do Now there's just one thing that you should know One thing I need to say before you go I just can't await the moment when I'll see you again Verse 3: So many years have passed us by A million tears that won't run dry I dream of what I will say, of things that could be I'm still here, still waiting Verse 4: And now I walk these rooms alone The ones we used to call our home I'm haunted day after day by sweet memories I can still, hear my words linger on Chorus