Believe Me (feat. Chantal Schramm)
Music: Robert Baitinger / Lyrics: Robert Baitinger, Martin Goetz
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November 16, 2014
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Believe Me Verse 1 Did you find love and wonder If he really cared Did you find peace and harmony And endless love to share Verse 2 Did you know that a love can Be so strong and true That is exactly what I want To give to you Chorus All my dearest hopes And all my wildest dreams A world of magic scenes I´ll give to you All my deepest love That´s sent from God above One life is not enough To share it all, believe me Uuh, believe me Verse 3 Did you find love and passion Did it feel real good (did it feel real good) Did you find lasting memories Just like you thought you would (like you thought you would) Verse 4 Did you find true emotions Did you feel them too (did you feel them too) If you want ever-lasting love I swear that’s what I´ll give you Chorus Bridge: Love gives you strength to carry on Give it a chance before it's gone Chorus Music: Robert Baitinger Lyrics: Robert Baitinger / Martin Götz Vocals: Chantal Schramm Production: Martin Wolfinger