I Cry (feat. Elisa)
Music & lyrics: Robert Baitinger
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November 16, 2014
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Robert Baitinger
I CRY Verse 1: Ever since You went away Things just aren’t the same Verse 2: I miss you more Every day I can’t describe the pain Pre-Chorus: If I Only knew Just what I have to do To get over you Chorus: I cry‚ ‘cause I miss you I cry, when I ask myself why And every time that I think of you It hurts so much It makes me down and cry Verse 3: What’s left Sweet memories, and To know I was betrayed Verse 4: They say that time Will heal the wounds and Someone new will come my way Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge: My perfect world simply fell apart When you confessed everything The bitter truth really wrecked my heart Feel like a bird with broken wings Chorus Music & lyrics: Robert Baitinger Vocals: Elisa Müller Instruments / Production / Mix: Bastian Knochel for logischdenker Records