Cowboy Law (feat. Tara-Lynn Sharrock)
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Music: Robert Baitinger/Bernd Oettinger Lyrics: Ray Bertram
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September 19, 2015
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Music: Baitinger/Oettinger - Lyrics: Bertram
Cowboy Law A cowboy rides into town On a pale white horse With a gun at his side He’s a one man force Down a long dusty street Up to a saloon As the clock in the town Rings out high noon He jumps off his horse He stands there and shouts The doors open up Five men come out Chorus: When the guns go off And the bullets fly Someone’s gonna live Someone’s gonna die Shoot straight, aim true Be quick on the draw It’s the way of the West It’s cowboy law They ain’t about to give up They ain’t coming in ‘Cause he’s all by himself And they've got five men They say you want one of us Then you fight all five He says I’m bringin’ you in Dead or alive It’s the end of the line I am the law He goes for his gun They all start to draw Chorus The cowboy draws first His gun swings around Five shots ring out Five men go down Chorus Music: Robert Baitinger / Bernd Oettinger Lyrics: Ray Bertram Vocals / vocal arrangement: Tara-Lynn Sharrock Piano: Robert Baitinger All other instruments: Bernd Oettinger Production / mix: Bernd Oettinger