Don't Look Back (feat. Elisa)
Music & lyrics: Robert Baitinger / Fabian Goerg
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January 29, 2013
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3:29 minutes
Baitinger / Goerg © Baitinger/Goerg/Lammarsch/Mueller
Story behind the song
A nightmare about a hit and run felony
DON'T LOOK BACK Verse 1: You wake up and you open your eyes Where are you now, you’re completely surprised Your brain hurts while you think about last night You drove your car stoned A loud noise, bodies flying through the air You hit the brakes, man it was in complete despair The night was dark, they were dressed in black You pushed the pedal down and never looked back, no Chorus: You can run and you can hide But you can’t apologize You can’t change what you feel inside You sound like a bag of lies You can’t turn back the hands of time And you can’t get back on track What you say ain’t worth a dime So don’t – just don’t look back Verse 2: This is a bad case of hit and run Should you give up or get yourself a shotgun Got no friends that you can turn to No one can tell you, what you should do Do you wanna commit suicide? ‘Cause their searching for you nationwide It’s not the way you had your life laid out You’re to blame without a shadow of a doubt Half-chorus Rap verse (male): And as the fog clears, I can see your pretty face You hold me tight girl, I feel your warm embrace And then you tell me that I had a bad dream You woke me up ‘cause I started to scream It felt so real, as if I was really there But it was just a great big bad nightmare Now every time I go to bed I still hear This voice inside my head filling me with fear Chorus