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About a changing life.
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November 29, 2007
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About a changing life.
I said "hey babe its nice seeing you tonight" feels like lately we just havent had time" I walk her to her car to give her a quick kiss goodnight But that shit lingers on, like 10 minutes fly by because I Love to be with her, to hold her and kiss her Pissing of her parents is what I live for I know they want her home, but I beg to differ But I can find my friends and go tear up my liver, now I'm Driving to work, but I wish I was going to see her Sitting behind the counter thinkin "dont wanna be here" Make a ton of money, get my debt in the clear Get off of work, and go grab me a beer. It's what I do now life's been so crazy since I been out of school now been to jail didnt learn my leason shits been giving me just so many questions.