This minor blues
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A classic blues. A blues who talks about music, love, spirituality. The master Al Jerome played harmmonica, and I played all the other instruments, sung the vocals, and programmed the digital inputs.
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April 15, 2007
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Javier Alcalde © Javier Alcalde
Story behind the song
I wrote this song to be played in a concert to pay tribut to one of the people who taught me more about music. It was his last day in my city, he was moving, and he came to the concert. So I wrote this blues for him.
THIS MINOR BLUES This is the night, and I can feel another power above us, and I can sing and I can see a light in your eyes, and this is the reason to begin, to begin to cry. And when music are in place I know that I can play this minor blues. Piano, please. And I'm not afraid when I have this lonely guitar in my hands, and their strings sound like another poetry, written for a special time. And if my music sounds sad is because my soul today cannot fly, no, no, no, cannot fly. But I know the answer and a tune and it is this minor blues. Al Jerome, blow. Hey bro, lemme say some. But I know the answer and a tune and it is this minor blues