Slow Blues in Am
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Drink 'em up boys.
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August 21, 2007
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7:42 minutes
Terleckyj, Evinger & Hight © 2007
Story behind the song
It was around 3 a.m. Most of the other cool cats had left the studio. YT had just finished up at another studio (engineering) and popped by 'The Ranch' for a night cap. Jack n' Ginger. Tall. YT grabbed a Strat, Jeff took hold of the bass, and Evinger got behind the kit. It was the first time these guys had played in quite a few months. It was the first time they'd jammed together in years. "So whatchoo wanna do YT?" "I dunno," he replied. "how bout a slow blues in A minor?" "The three of us hadn't jammed together in quite a few years. Hight was in the studio doing a session with me earlier. We were just packing up when the Mighty YT stopped by to say hello. We just fell into a jam and it was just like old times..."