I Got Love On Me
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A happy swing dance song about a guy who is excited about being in love----Big Band Feel of a Frank Sinatra up-tempo song from the 1940's. Bob Kelly on featured, vocals, production & recording studio.
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February 14, 2007
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Bob Kelly © Little Star Publishing Co.
Story behind the song
I was making a big band track that I was planning on using as an instrumental but then after I got most of it finished, I said to "Myself" Hey, "Self" that why don't you write some words to fit the instrumental and a melody and it will be a good song-----so I did----and this is it.
I Got Love on Me Won't you look at my face, Tell me what do you see, Feels like I got Love on Me. Theres no way to erase, This smile on my face, I'm sure I got Love on Me. I didnt know this was goin' to happen, But inside I've got a feelin' thats real. I can tell by the way, I see the bright side of the day, I know I got love on me.