Do it, Do it, Do it
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A Swing Dance song using a lot of the Hip cliche words of the 1940's swing dance era with the feel and sound of the Louis Jordan Big Band. Bob Kelly vocals, production, & recording studio.
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February 14, 2007
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Bob Kelly © Little Star Publishing Co.
Story behind the song
My Mother and Father were both Adaggio Dancers (thats acrobatic dancing to music for those of you too young to know what that is) and they taught me to dance quite early. The phrase that was used by swing dancers at the time (when someone did a new step or move) was to say "Do it". So, as I progressed I learned to love to hear the words "Do it, Do it, Do it".
Do it, Do it, Do it, I felt like Dancin’, last Saturday night; The marquee was flashing "Swing Dancin’", “all-right”. Two classy Chicks walked in, dressed to the "nines", My threads were bare, but my pockets were lined. A "fin" for the cover, and to my surprise, This joint was really jumpin’ and was thoroughly alive Swing Dance'n’s easy; there ain’t Nothing to it; All you got to do is, Do it, Do it, Do it. The band was cookin’, as I checked out the action; Theres’ plenty of fine young female attractions. A long legged mama with sling pumps looked fine, Hey Babe, Lets cut a rug, “shake your shimmy” with mine. She followed every move that I pretended to make, She had some moves of her own that would “Take the Cake” Talk about Jivin, She was definitely up to it. Lost her inhibitions and said, Do it, Do it, Do it. It was easy to tell, She wasn’t no flat foot floosie, With her Floy, Floy, She’d make your head go woosie. A Short Satin Skirt matched her shiny black Hair. The movements of each made a delectable pair. A Twinkle in her eye made you know she’d go far, When she said, Beat me Bad Daddy, Eight to the Bar. Shakin’ her “sweetness” puts a wiggle into it, Her body’s just screamin’, Lets, Do it, Do it, Do it. Now, Salome’s Seven Veils was a pretty slick Dance; Cleopatra had looks that’d make you take a chance. It’s the same old story; it doesn’t really matter; Men can’t resist; it’s like desert on a platter. So, Girls, take notice, sexy ways is your Thunder; Lightnin’ will strike and Baby, he will go under. “Shake it-n-Bake it” and he’ll get into it. Let your instints move you and then, Do it, Do it, Do it. Come-on Everybody, Ain’t nothin’ to it; All you gotta do is; “Do it, Do it, Do it”.