Straight Line
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I wrote this song but I got my friend, Jay Ramsey, to sing it for me and he also does some fine Guitar. All the rest of the track and the background singing is Me and it was recorded it at my Las Vegas Recording Studio.
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December 08, 2013
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Bob Kelly Lyric, Music and Vocal © Little Star Publishing Co.
Story behind the song
This was written especially for a specific listing from Taxi for an old school kind of country song in the vein of Merle Haggard.
Straight Line Written by Bob Kelly Vocal by Jay Ramsey Little Star Publishing Co. This old highway of life is a long one there are signs for the curves along the way gettin’ sidetracked can be costly thou the crossroads may look glossy This wisdom is yours if you obey Chorus: Travel in a Straight Line movin’ forward Movin in a Straight Line all the way Keep it in a Straight Line movin’ forward The Detours will always make you pay I have traveled Life’s Road so often and I’ve made some mistakes along the way every shortcut that was taken had a deadend road a waitin’ That message is clear to me today Chorus: Guitar: Bridge: Some things you learn from the books you read in School, Useful knowledge on that I’ll agree. But, the hard knocks of Life will give you an insight, for the Strife of unknown emergency’s If you travel Life’s road unknowing there are hazards that you’ll meet along the way focus front the path is wide do not weave from side to side your destination’s cleared without delay