248. Those who trust in the Lord
Based on Psalm 125
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October 02, 2009
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John Hartley / John Hartley © John Hartley 2009
Story behind the song
VERSE 1: Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which will never be moved, but stands for ever. As the hills stand around Jerusalem, so the Lord stands around his people from this time forth for evermore. VERSE 2: In the Lord they have someone to rely on who is faithful and sure, and stands for ever. They have no other powers, nor use for them; they have no need of towers or steeples; in him protected and secure. BRIDGE: The wicked will never hold sway in the land allotted to the just. The righteous will never be forced into evil instead of trust. The wicked will soon pass away from the land allotted to the just. The righteous are always resourced by the Lord who respects their trust. Repeat VERSE 1. Words copyright (c) John Hartley 2009. All rights reserved. Based on Psalm 125.