230. Run, run, run!
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Run the race of the Christian life, with your eyes fixed on Jesus
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May 04, 2009
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Story behind the song
CHORUS: Run, run, run, there's a race to be run, there's a prize to be won at the end; so run for the prize: you can win if your eyes are on Jesus, your trainer and friend. VERSE 1 (1 Cor 9:25): In a race they all train for a crown that will fade, and their fitness will soon pass away; but in Christ we will reign in a kingdom that's made to endure beyond earth's little day. So ... CHORUS VERSE 2 (Heb 12:1-2): See the crowd all around who are cheering you on, all the saints who have proved God is true! Get your feet on the ground, set your eyes on the one who endured cross and shame just for you. So ... CHORUS VERSE 3 (2 Tim 4:7-8): At the end of the race there's a victory crown for the ones who have fought the good fight, and the Judge in his grace with the saints gathered round will award it, with trumpets and light. So ... CHORUS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Story behind the song I wrote this song for a friend who attends a church right next to where a marathon will be being run, with all the associated excitement and competitive spirit and obvious themes for the family service which the church will be holding. Various bible verses compare the Christian life to running a race, so I thought I'd string them together and see if we couldn't use them as a song?