216. Wash yourself
Elisha's words to Naaman challenge us to wash ourselves in the river of the Lord
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February 21, 2009
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John Hartley © John Hartley 2009
Story behind the song
WASH YOURSELF CHORUS (All): Wash yourself seven times in the Jordan's flowing waters. Wash yourself seven times and your flesh will be restored. If you would be clean then go and dip down in the stream: wash yourself in the river of the Lord. VERSE 1 (Naaman): Aren't the rivers of Damascus better than Israel? Couldn't I wash in Abana, instead of Jacob's Well? Aren't Mohammed and Allah just as good as this Jesus fella? Why should I wash in the river of the Lord? CHORUS (All) Wash yourself ... VERSE 2 (Naaman's servants): If the prophet had commanded battles of nerve and steel, wouldn't you rise up and fight them? So why not wash and feel? Won't a person of reason take his medicine in its season? Why won't you wash in the river of the Lord? CHORUS (All) Wash yourself ... VERSE 3 (All): 'Come,' says Jesus to the falling: 'Come and be healed and whole!' Gilead's Balm is a-calling to heal the wounded soul. Here's a torrent of healing and forgiving and strength and cleaning: yours if you wash in the river of the Lord! CHORUS (All) Wash yourself ... Words and music copyright (c) John Hartley 2009. Inspired by 2 Kings 5:10-13. This song came to me while reading a suggested children's talk on the story of Naaman being healed of his leprosy. The washing is of course a picture of the way we can come to Jesus and be washed whiter than snow, and I was reminded of songs like "River, wash over me" as I thought of it. It's also striking how we all find a reluctance inside ourselves, like Naaman's when he was asked to do something so simple and unassuming. Nevertheless I don't feel the song is finished in its present form, and I'd be grateful for suggestions and critiques which might help to improve it. Many thanks in advance!