195. How?
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How can someone so amazingly goddish as God possibly be born in someone so amazingly small as a baby?
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October 02, 2008
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John Hartley © John Hartley 2008
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HOW? How can the hands which fashioned the stars hold tight in so small a curl? How can the one who designed our hearts be formed in a humble girl? Yet here in this birth the_almighty Word can be seen and heard, and in him we know our God as he came to earth. How can the true omnipotent king submit to such humble fare? How can the one whom the angels sing hear songs in a stable bare? Yet here in this tiny human frame is the_Eternal Flame of the only God, our Father, our Lord Most High. How can a gem so valu'bly priced in setting so poor be placed? How can the honoured anointed Christ be destined for such disgrace? Yet here in this stall the_incarnate Lord of our race restored and redeemed us all, delivered us from sin's thrall. How can God's fullness ever descend, be emptied to enter man? How can our intellects comprehend the distance that he must span? Yet here in this babe all Godhead dwells! Therefore all life's hells are defeated now, they're vanquished and soon will fade. Words and music copyright © John Hartley 2008. All rights reserved. Sheet music can be found at: this link.