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This song is about Facebook bringing all of us old highschool buddies together again. I wonder can you go back? Should you? Because even if sometimes you really shouldn't you still feel the need to.
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July 23, 2008
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Samantha Jones © Samantha Jones
Story behind the song
This song is for my friend Jane whom I have just reconnected with after 20 yrs through Facebook. She wanted a song.
I've been thinking about my old friend Facebook brought us together again Me and Jane We took a trip down memory lane The story's change but the endings stay the same Jane Jane do you think anybody can go back again From where they came...Jane Jane the need to go back someday and see that place again still remains...Jane I've been gone for so long I left that town and didn't turn around again Jane When you don't look back you tend to loose track The memories remain but they just cause me pain Jane