This Must Be A Dream
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This song is basically about realizing you are in a dream and if that is the case trying to manipulate it to go the way you want.
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April 02, 2007
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Samantha Jones © Samantha Jones
Story behind the song
I dream so vividly sometimes that I wake up ehausted from all I've done in the night. I keep having one particular dream where I'm with a friend that is no longer in this dimension and in the first moments of wakefulness I am so disoriented I don't know what is real and what isn't. *This is 'LIVE' for a rehearsal disc for the band. song...
This Must Be A Dream ---------------------------- words & music by Samantha Jones I don't want the sun give me the rain One of those thunderstorming days So I can hide away and think about how I miss you I wish you were here by my side I just want to hear your voice telling me It'll be alright *This must be a dream nothing is as it seems I'll just spread my wings and fly over everything Fly to where you are can Heaven be that far It's closer than it seems This must be a dream Am I dreaming I'm seeing You across a crowded street I can't move my feet so I call out But I don't make a sound and I think about how To reach you beseech you To come close to me I just want to see your face I can see your face This must be a dream * I'm waking up keep waking up In the middle of the night Knowing that something isn't right Something isn't right * This must be a dream This must be a dream * copyright 2007 Samantha Jones