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Gospel tinged pop
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August 11, 2007
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Madeline Preisner © 2007, Madeline Preisner
Story behind the song
My anger at someone was taking a toll on me. I read that sending love to your enemy was the only solution to a situation that could cause a resolution...After examining my situation I realized the hate was poisoning us both and making any resolution more and more impossible. I still can't send love but now I wish them only wisdom.
Forgiveness You want to hurt someone. for some terrible thing that they’ve done you want retribution, but it will only bring you pain Because it’s not your role, You’ll only hurt your own soul and live your anger over and again You’ve got to move your life along, You’ve got to be strong Carry on, until you can Cry Forgiveness, Cry Forgiveness Forgiveness, It’s a battle Cry GUITAR SOLO You know that hate makes hate, and you want to retaliate but if we all could just relate,We would all see It’s the hardest thing to do and it might not seem fair to you Until you come to understand, that it is true That if you love your fellow man, then he will come to understand the thing that he, has put you through and he will, Cry Forgiveness, Cry Forgiveness Forgiveness, It’s a battle Cry Forgiveness-for the daughters and the sons. Forgiveness-just send love to everyone Forgiveness-is a battle Cry Cry Forgiveness-Ask it for the ones you love, Forgiveness-Ask it from the ones above Forgiveness-Surround yourself with all their love and ask forgiveness