You Think You're an Angel
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contemporary melody over an African style guitar with nice trumpet complementing the vocals
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August 10, 2007
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Madeline Preisner © 2000, Madeline Preisner
Story behind the song
A man named Lee came into my life because he believed that I was stuck and needed him to push me into consciousness. He attached himself to me and while I went to work each day in The City he would wander the area, "go see some people" about this or that. Once I ran an errand during the day and in a cab passed him on a street corner, in a change of clothes, and posture, hanging with some homeless people. Later, when I asked him what he had done that day, he said he had visited some friends. Years later I ran into him at a party. The hostess was surprised that I knew him. "He's an Angel" she said. A dear friend of hers was dying of cancer and had no one close to help her and no money for home care. She told me that " He just moved in and took care of her. He did everything for her, fed, bathed, held and comforted her until she died. He didn't even know her before".
You Think You’re an Angel You think you’re an angel, sent down to dry my tears away, and make it all better, and now that you’re here, I want you to stay You think you can fly boy, You can fly, fly away, 'cause now that I’m better, you think that you, should be on your way You think you’re an angel, sent by a power from above to make us, all, better and cure all the sad hearts, broken by love You see the world from your heart and you want, to make it all right you see the sad souls and you want to help them see the light if you can just lift them up to see a future brighter then you won’t have to deal with all the pain you feel inside, It’s not that easy, it’s harder to be real an angel is invisible, a man can really feel You think you can fly boy, You can fly, fly free and you’ve got your reasons But it’s not the way, you’d like it to be. You think you’re an angel, but it just isn’t true, you’ve got your own sad heart but you just won’t let me fix it for you. You think you’re an angel......It just isn’t true .... you can’t won’t try....just bein you