Cheers to Charukesi
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A medley of everything Charukesi - Innam En Manam varnam by Lalgudi & A.R.Rahman's Aahista star in this version
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January 07, 2008
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Arvind Srinivasan © Arvind Srinivasan
Story behind the song
Ever inspired by 'Vanajakshi' a nice fusion attempt by A.R.Rahman, I had asked A.C to help me with some nice varnam, and A.C. obliged with 'Innam En Manam' a varnam by Lalgudi G. Jayaraman. Can anyone ever get Aahista out of their system ? A.R.Rahman's amazing melody, simplistic orchestration and beautiful rendition makes this song one of his all-time bests. One thing lead to the other, and when Arun and I were getting ready for the song, the new 'talam' was born, with 'Ghatam' like sounds, and 'morsings' etc. Without Arun, the idea of the guitar-distortion-electronic intro would not have been even thought of. And finally, the ragam 'Charukesi' an eternal-well for melodies, is a source of inspiration in-and-of-itself. Cheers to Charukesi Credits : Aishwarya Chandiramouli - for seeding this concept with the lovely varnam 'Innam En Manam' Lalgudi G. Jayaraman - composer of the varnam 'Innam En Manam' A.R.Rahman - composer of the song 'Aahista Aahista' Arun Sekar - for lending his voice and creative inputs to the composition, and for putting up with my ever picky mind. Chorus, Harmony, Keyboard & Mixing : Arvind
Innam En Manam --------------------- nnam en manam ariyAdavar pOla Irundhidal nyAyamA yAdava mAdhavA Munnam payind'RadO innAdagamellAm MannA kamalakkaNNA maNivaNNA Aahista Aahista ------------------- Mulaayam mulaayam si neeli neeli raat hai Thapakti hai is dil ko, yaadein kayeen Yaadon ke paalne mein koyi khoyi khoyi baat hai Woh nindiya ab aake tu, meri di thi lori gaake Mere khoye sapne dikhlaade haay Yaadon ka palna jhula dein Aahista aahista, aahista aahista Nindiya… tu aa, in do nainon mein Aahista aahista, aahista aahista Nindiya… tu aa, um hmm…hmm…hmm…