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some real sh** ...beat by SolEternity
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December 24, 2004
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-this means quite alot to me-
HOOK: Angel... Angel... Youre my Angel... Angel... I was so scared and so afraid What mistake had I made I still think that that night… You were the first thing I’ve done right… Didn’t think the Lord was listening those nights I was kneeling And I still just cant seem to… shake the feeling That he put me eXactly where I needed to be He gave me love when he planted that seed in me Because you... you needed me... when I thought that I was nothin When I thought I HAD nothin, you showed me I had LOVE and That's the greatest thing that one can even HAVE to give And I gave it all to YOU, you were the reason I lived You were the reason I could laugh You were the reason I could smile All the joy in the world Was placed into ONE CHILD... Was placed into ONE SEED... Was placed into ONE SOUL And you gave it to ME... and you made me WHOLE Even from the very start, you made all the pain go… And you'll always be my heart, bcuz youre mommys little angel HOOK My belly began to swell, my feet began to hurt But I couldn’t complain bcuz my life had met its worth Went to the o-b-g-y-n to get the ultrasound He said youre havin a girl, and I was so damn proud Its my heart that he's testin My strength that's in question 5 months after conception I KNEW you were a blessing Not a hindrance like I had thought initially There was someone else in this world that would live for me That COULD live for me... when I thought that I couldn't Someone who would love me when I knew that I wouldn't So a month later when I started having contractions I couldn’t understand, I didn’t know what was happenin They said its too early, and that's its gonna be tough They said we'll try and save her, I said tryings not enough After that everything just sounded like nonsense then I felt peace; and then I fell unconscious... HOOK Now youre not 2 years old And youre not here to hold Not taking your first steps Not in your cradle Im not givin you baths Bein soaked by your splash Im not ticklin your tummy While im warmed by your laugh Youre not goin to preschool…on your first day Youre not blowin out candles on your birthday cake Youre not getting your first kiss, or on your first date Youre not chillin with your friends, youre not coming in late Youre not goin to the Mosque, youre not going to college Youre not stayin up all night... conversin the knowledge Not movin out the house, not getting engaged Not havin a big wedding while im singin on stage Not askin my advice when things get blown out Youre not cussin me out... or claimin that you grown now But youre always in my heart although youre not in this world You always were and always will be mommys little girl HOOK to end...