Bottom Dwellers
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This song is dedicated to all the people who try and take advantage of others weaknesses... the ones that feed off of others they've made feel like shit and base their survival off of this consumption.
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August 10, 2004
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Infinite Mz beat by Soleternity © 2004
When I aint have shit you didn’t wanna know me Then when I got gift, you wanted to control me Now that Im top list, yall niggas wanna hoe me cuz I got some confidence and realized that youre below me Cuz ya treated me horrifically and looked at me despicably But now you don’t mean shit to me Ive learned my own identity friend to me? no none of mine, not as long as the sun will shine Im growin up and doin fine, I’ve learned my lessons, role and lines… I played the part and saw the light, Mz Infinite, exit stage right Remove the mask… an actors plight, returning to yourself at night You caused me pain, caused me fright, but that torment restored my sight See what I see in true sunlight… my life my life my life my life… Yea you tried to hurt me… tried to keep me down Saw to it I felt like shit, just look at me now leeches on my life you were and tried to suck me dry bottom dwelling parasites you’ll never steal my high… Im standin up, my feet my own, you said I couldn’t be alone You said I’d fail, that was your goal, destroy my spirit, heart, and soul Destroy this spirit?? must be joking… Must be crazy… what you smoking? I’m a fighter, can’t be broken…I’m a sparrow, God’s new focus Life is for the living, I was dead for many years Succumbed to your aggression, which was nourished by my fears And that’s how you consumed me, fed off of my soul Now I’m regenerating, small part to a whole… Vengeance belongs to Him I know sometimes I lose my head So… no… don’t… push… me… cuz, I’m... close… to… the… edge… and please believe that if I fall I’m grabbin ya leg No more pain in my life now I’ve moved on, He’s shown me how Gave me power strength and love Courage to be me no matter what