Nothing Compares 2 U
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July 28, 2004
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Story behind the song
After almost 2 years of no recording... I became inspired...
The first time we met, you had me upset you were a challenge to me, kept playin hard to get But something in your eyes, something in your heart kept drawing me to you, couldn’t stand to be apart Then you gave me a chance, at love and at life but I wasn’t ready, I was scared to be your wife now I’m growing up, and hope its not too late Now I’m ready for love, but I’m prepared for hate See, every man to cross my path has been under your voodoo but none of them could ever even hold a flame to you We had something special, something real, something deep love you, none above you, trust, im yours to keep id climb the rockiest mountain, swim to the farthest of seas and aint a woman alive that could take that from me nothing compares to what we had, tried and true nothing compares to us… nothing compares to you… HOOK: (1x) nothing compares to you no matter what I do and boy I never knew love like this, its tried and true So baby come to me and in time you’ll see just how much love can do cuz nothing compares to you I wish you’d give me a chance… I know I f*** ed up before… I know I broke your heart… I know I left you sore… I know it hadn’t been workin… And we hadn’t been perfect… That you think its not worth it… And you think IM not worth sh** … And you COULD be right… And the pain might surface… But you COULD be wrong… Seein’ nothing’s for certain… CUZ we COULD be good… sh** we COULD be great… but aint no comparison… to what we ain’t And that brings me here now to beg your forgiveness For not seein’ true love through the commitment I was scared forreal, nearly half to death after you left, I felt so empty I wept And no man has succeeded in filling that space ‘ a part of me gone, a dark void in its place typically, beggin like this is embarassin’ but worth IT cuz what we had goes beyond comparison HOOK (1x) So tell me something good something that’ll make me smile tell me that you love me and have missed me for a while tell me how you care and you need me in your life tell me that I get another chance to be your wife that you want to be the one that I grow old with and want me to be the one to give birth to ya kids take walks on the beach with you when you retire walk with you forever, as the path winds higher tell me what you’d give to look into my eyes the water from the ocean and and the stars from the skies the shade from the moon and the light from the sun ray by ray until each day has gone then watch it rise again while you hold me near cheek pressed against mine as you whisper in my ear I love you forever, and tell me like its true cuz all of this… is what ive needed to tell you HOOK to end