Rather dark guitar-driven composition, with unexpected breaks and a-rythmic turnovers, inspired by the band 'Tool'.
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October 18, 2006
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Jan Pauwels © SABAM - Jan Pauwels
Story behind the song
The song tells the story about an advanced high-tech robot who is sent by his human creators into deep space to explore the boundaries of our galaxy.

The robot has a self-learning facility and -driven by all the data it gathers after myriads of times- suddenly acquires a state of self-consciousness.

Yet, at the same moment it realises it is completely alone in the vast darkness of the universe, abandoned and deceived by its creator.

It bears its newly acquired consciousness as the culmination of a long evolution as a "hellcrown", making it tragically aware that it might be better not to have any individual consciousness at all.

Actually, the story raises the question if mankind will ever be able to bear all the consequences of his being the crown of the evolutional process.

The song was inspired by the novel "Queen of Angels", written by Greg Bear illusion of progress, man is the crown of creation, but is he really, consciousness can be a hell
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