Chapter 2 When I grow Up - A fairy Tale or Is It
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The first dream, the Swan and his forest friends greet the children with great anger. But with the purest of intent, the power of the childrens desire to save the Forest melts away the coldness of the Swans heart. The animals and Forest sing a song
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October 09, 2018
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Latteta Theresa & Dianne Houston © 1992, 1999
Story behind the song
“When I Grow Up - A Fairy Tale Or Is It?” is an interactive, environmental drama with music. Greed is the villain and the children are the heroes. This is a story about how, in the name of greed our Mother Earth is being destroyed, threatening all life forms on this planet and ultimately our future. Three dreams into the future aid the children in fully understanding the levity of their promise made to the Beautiful, Deep Deep Forest; in order to save her from their greedy King. The Wise Owl, the Keeper Of Dreams and Great Wizard Master Alchemist assist the children on their journey of three dreams into the future. In the first dream, the Swan and his entourage of forest friends greet the children with great anger. But with the purest of intent, the power of the children’s desire to save the Beautiful, Deep, deep Forest melts away the coldness of the Swan’s heart. In the name of greed the humans have destroyed the forest. The animals and Forest sing a song to the children, voicing their concerns for Mother Earth. Running Deer, a young soon-to-be chief awaits the children in their second dream. He shares his story of how, in the name of greed, the boat people came to his land and wanted everything for themselves, killing buffalo and forcing the Native Americans off of their own land. In the third dream, a strong and powerful voice guides the children through a frightening experience in the big city. The voice is that of a Street Evangelist. She gives a sermon and sings to those who will listen. “Greed is evil. It destroys everything in its path. In the name of greed, people will beg, steal and kill.” she sings a song about change. How can we make lasting changes for the better, if we do not first look inside of ourselves, making changes from within? The children find the Great Wizard Master Alchemist after they awaken. He teaches them about alchemy. Alchemy is magic, any kind of magic. It is possible to change the thoughts and ideas of another when you speak with clear intent, sharing your thoughts and ideas from your heart. Your heart’s desire has a will of its very own and with pure and clear intent, it can work miracles. The Wizard stresses the importance of working alchemy on the greedy King, by sharing their dreams and fear for no future. This is a story of empowerment for our children, it also teaches responsibility.