Start Collecting Your Cabbage
'cabbage' refers to $$$ in the tune
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May 07, 2007
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I was born by the side of road where the curb is your destination Foot goes back you don't prepare for attack When you're watching the wall not your anus You don't scream, You Don't Shout, You open your eyes learn what this life's about...put on your best suit; jacket and slacks...and start collecting your cabbage. I ain't the one who's come to bring you down I'm just the one that you're feelin' Don't be scared I ain't talkin' bout jail talkin' bout freedom You don't scream, You Don't Shout,Truth travels the same no matter how loud, best start collecting your cabbage Put your back into it I don't need to bow down to nothin' on my knees I don't believe that you realize there's consequences to what you think you believe I can't free you if all you got are antrax packets for me Best start collecting your cabbage, Best collect your cabbage Put your back into it, Start collecting your cabbage