Welcome To Funkadelphia
This one is for those who have a soft spot for Philadelphia.
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November 16, 2006
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Story behind the song
So much Philadelphia imagry. I decided to write it fast and just mention the first things that come to mind. TastyKake, WaWa and my Alma Mater had to be included of course.
They stuck a pretzel in my mouth Threw a cheesesteak on my couch As a SEPTA bus with angels crossed the Walt Whitman Bridge from the south A flash of light hit me from above And a big loud noise gave me lots of love and said "Welcome to Funkadelphia." No I wouldn't trade it. It's my life from the South Street bridge to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Center City to Kelly Drive. Something 'bout the air outside. The land of Labelle and Pendergrass TastyKake and The Temple Owls Pharmaceuticals and the working class And WaWa's top knotch Hoagie chow Old city tourists on a bus fill the hotels up with love "Welcome to Funkadelphia."