Dykes lumber
The song has a 50's Rock type of feel. It takes a light-hearted look at a Lumber Store chain located in North Jersey. It examines what the place would really be like on an afternoon when it is over-run with Lesbians.
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November 13, 2006
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Story behind the song
I was hanging out in Manhattan with my talented musician friend Dave Downing and his sister Carol. We were joking about a place called "Dykes Lumber". They have numerous locations. I passed the one in Hoboken on my way into "the city." After a few drinks and some smoke I sat down at the piano and we all started throwing out lyrics. Within 20 minutes the song was written. This has become one the most requested songs I have when I play live.
Across From New York Way, In that town...You know the name In Hoboken on a job, I came across their catalog You got needs, Pick up the phone Get an addition for your home I see you smilin' 'cause you know the number... Dykes Lumber If you're a man, feelin' bored..You ain't prepared for what's in store These women they don't need you, They got their own damn caulking and their own damn tools But if you're a woman with a serious stare...Get ready for a half price sale With the right attitude, Take the cashier home with you In aisle 10, you'll find Pat. She knows what you want. She knows where it's at. Don't forget the store in Babylon. If you buy it there they'll strap it on. Put on your flannel shirt, Jump in your working van Hike up that skirt, Enter no-man's land Open up your heart. Fill up that shopping cart. Don't wear no wedding band. Carol will lend a hand. In aisle 6 you'll find Chris. She just broke up with her X-girlfriend's sis. She'll walk you through the whole damn store then move you in with her U-Haul. It ain't the softer side of Sears. Don't forget the lay-a-way plan. That's right. You got to go there. You got to walk around. Fill up your shopping cart. Goodbyes to be found. Dykes Lumber.