Electronic Pop. Fast paced story about the ultimate way to throw a tantrum. www.EltonCostello.com for more music. Also available at the ITUNES music store.
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November 07, 2006
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Story behind the song
I got tired of writing deep introspective sad songs. I wanted to create one that expressed the side of me that sometimes wants to have a bit of an outburst. My sister told me she tought I was saying the lyrics too fast. That's when I knew it was a good song :) .
They say stay positive, but that’s a life half lived If you’re carryin’ an angry shout, you got to let it out If you can’t find a helpin’ hand, just say say to hell with it If you can’t pay the rent, ‘cause all your money’s spent Give up your career, buy enough canned food for 100 years Buy yourself a moving van, drive it from this land Pick up the pace, there’s no time to waste, don’t stop as we fly thru space This ain’t no joke, hold it in you choke, excuse me I’m a part of this human race You shouldn’t have struck my match, now I’m hotter than the sun... And I’m about to have a Tantrum Along with the moving van, Get one of those trucks that carries gas Connect it up with the fuel tank, You ain’t gonna stop for anything Just fly thru the tolls, You won’t be coming back down this road Extra tires, An Extra Motor, Some Extra Film, So you can take some photos A generator, a refrigerator, a washing machine so you can clean your clothes The holy bible that you got as a gift, so you can learn about how a new life begins Meditate so god can guide you, Laugh at those who call you a damn fool Late one nite, sneak into a zoo, Escourt the animals two by two Before you finally hit the road, get everything at the pet food store Head south to Cape Canaveral, Make a deal with the guy from mission control Get a ship that can carry the load, Say goodbye to the world that you used to know As they fire up the Rockets, There’s a red glare from your soul Let yourself go