What Happened To evol?
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It seems that the more we live the more evol our love becomes...
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October 08, 2006
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Thompson/ Ayala © 2006
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This song was written & recorded on the 4th of July'06...
It's lacking from our lives... Yet We're too numb to notice...What happened to evol? x3 A "Carnival of Souls" takes us for a ride, it's become so routine... So many eyes have lost their gleam wandering in this wasteland...A grassy knowl & some whiskey, to look on the brighter side of life...What Happened to Evol?x3 you see we each have been given a key to own destiny, but as to where matching locks lay... They're hidden far-far away...Right in front of our own eyes...Searching in vain, chances may wain...What happened to EVOL? x3 There once was so much understanding our love is now..simply evol.. (c)2006