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Rockin' R&B memphis horns!
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October 11, 2006
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Ian C. Uren © ICU Songwriting 1999
Story behind the song
This was written around the time when super models were forever in the media, flaunting their bodies like lifeless mannequins. This is a statement about losing your own identity by hiding behind the fashion power machine.
I watch the mannequins, robbed of sight and stripped of pride I see the fox hunted by the hounds I picture your fairy tale, the glossy smiles that fill the page I lick the lips hidden by the mound But it seems I can't reach her, help me now! Frika, Frika, pull back the shades and let me see her Frika, Frika, all wrapped in silk, fur and leather...leather I catch the mystery, seeing things through rose bud eyes I see the clones walk in separate shoes I hear the bird of peace, crying out to save her nest But in the end she knows she will lose And it seems I still can't help her, reach for me! Frika, Frika, pull back the shades etc... In the loneliness of night I feel her tongues of fire burn Spreading through eternity Touching hearts for you and me Her daily acts are plain to see All that's news is hers Frika, Frika, why don't you pull back the shades? Frika, Frika, come let me see you again Frika, Frika, makes me burn for you now I'll always treat you like a friend