Dear Momma, I've Been Thinkin
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Soothing Country sound, Deep, Melodious, Waltz Tempo to a sentimental love song that may bring a tear of remembrance
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August 27, 2006
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ShyAnne Mailen © ShyAnne Mailen
Story behind the song
Lookin back on my life, I began to sing these words. God has always been there to guide me through lifes trials and my family has been there to push me forward to reach my goals. ----------------------------------------- Music and Lyrics by ShyAnne Mailen, ©January 2006 The music was recorded at the Cypress Room Studio in Nashville TN by HIT songwriter and recording artist, Don King along with his session musicians. The guys did a great job!
Dear Momma, I’ve been thinkin My life has not been worth livin But you held me up so I could see You never gave up on me Knew I would work it out You always believed in me Dear Daughter, I’ve been thinkin It’s your sweet smile I’m missin With all your love and tender kisses Gave me strength to face the day Knew I would care for you You always believed in me CHORUS: You said, I believe in you My heart believes it too Close yours eyes and you will see My love can set you free You live your life in truth That’s why I believe in you Dear Father, I’ve been thinkin That by your grace I’m Forgiven You gave your Son so I could live No matter what I said or did Knew you would guide me through You always believed in me CHORUS: Dear Momma, I’ve been thinkin You always believed in me