Little Jewel Rose
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Upbeat, cheerful, country swing
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August 21, 2006
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ShyAnne Mailen © ShyAnne Mailen
Story behind the song
Wrote this song about my dear Aunt Jewel and her life on the country farm. She rode a horse several miles to school as a child. This song is upbeat and a cheerful song about her childhood. ------------------------------------------- Music and Lyrics by ShyAnne Mailen © June 1, 2006 The music was recorded at the Cypress Room Studio in Nashville TN by HIT songwriter and recording artist, Don King along with his session musicians. The guys did a great job!
Whoa down! Giddie Up Now!, Dear Sweet Little Jewel Rose Little Jewel Rose, Her name they chose Out on the Ole’ tree farm, The youngest she’d be In the family tree, Her heart so full of charm Took a few spills Thro valley n’ hills Sat in the saddle with pride, School to the farm braved a lot of harm, A pony she did ride CHORUS: Whoa down! Giddie Up Now! Got to get to school Teacher’s await’n, She’s astate’n Have to learn the rules, Whoa down! Giddie Up Now! Steady as she goes, Don’t you throw my little Jewel Rose Mama’s big yard, Lessons unbarred Flowers all along, Feed’n the birds From a bag of seeds, Love flowed forth in song Daddy he’d call, Let’s have a ball Make a wish real big in size, Bait’in that hook Toss it in the brook, Pray’n for the biggest prize CHORUS: Whoa down! Giddie Up Now! Learned a lot in school God was await’n, He was state’n Live By My Golden Rule, Whoa down! Giddie Up Now! Steady as she goes, Don’t you throw my little Jewel Rose [Bridge] Mamma’s little jewel, Daddy’s sweet rose Everybody knows, In your heart she’ll grow Whoa down! Giddie Up Now! Dear sweet Little Jewel Rose Whoa down! Giddie Up Now! That’s how my story goes On dear sweet Little Jewel Rose