Dear Old Guitar
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When life gets you down, you can trust your guitar
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March 22, 2009
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ShyAnne Mailen © ShyAnne Mailen
Story behind the song
After a hard break-up, I got to writing and humming this tune and my feelings about how my guitar was always a constant in my life through everything. This is my debut single that has kicked off my singing career. I performed this song at a Kansas Music Festival and a clip of the performance was on CMT. ------------------------------------------------ Music and Lyrics by ShyAnne Mailen ©August 2005 Recorded at OMNIsound Studios, Nashville 8/2005
When I wake up in the mornings And no soul is around When I feel alone and scared With no one to comfort me When life is unforgiving When my eyes shed a tear I can always count on you My Dear Old Guitar Chorus: With your long wooden neck Your voice as cold as steel Your warmth a melodie Your comfort a gentle tune No one could ever replace you My trusty old guitar No man dare replace you My Dear Old Guitar After the day is done And the sun has gone to bed As the man in the moon brightly stares As the stars dance in the air As the breeze blows away my troubles As the Night calms my fears I can always count on you My Dear Old Guitar Chorus