Go To Hell!!
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This is a collab between 3 artists!! Song by Dragondicer // Vocals and final mix by the fantastic RS CAIN!!! // Basic Pre-Mix by our dear friend Alpha7Allan //
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June 28, 2006
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Dragondicer © Dragondicer
Story behind the song
I guess anybody of you has met people like those described in this song in your life before. I met quite a few during the last few years, the worst of which disappointed me just last year. I felt the anger grow bigger and bigger inside of me and I urgently needed a valve to get rid of those hateful feelings. This is my valve!! Step aside, it's gonna STEAM!!!! Thank you very much to Bob (RS CAIN) for your fantastic vocals and your great job on the final mix!!! Thank you very much to Alpha7Allan, our dear friend Allan! You did a great job on the basic pre-mix!!! You were of great help, man!!! Thank you very much for speaking the BAD GUYS : Nigel (N Potter), Allan (alpha7allan), Michel, (Lord Bugs II), Bob (RS CAIN) and Will (Will Caroll). Instruments recorded with Zoom PS-04. All instruments by Dragondicer, except drums which were programmed on the PS-04 by Dragondicer. I used: 1986 Fender American Standard Stratocaster, 1976 Fender Precision Bass all recorded DI using PS-04 sound presets. RECORDING Vocals, MIXING + MASTERING (all by RS Cain): Vocals recorded with an MXL V63M mic into Behringer MX802A board Mixed using Sonar 4 by Cakewalk Plug ins: BBE Sonic Maximizer Lexicon Pantheon Reverb TC Electronics Delay Waves Diamond Bundle C4 Compressors URS EQs Mastered using Steinberg Wavelab Plug ins: Waves L3 Multimizer Steinberg Naturalverb Steinberg Loudness Maximizer PRE-MIX by Allan:
"Go To Hell !!" (Dragondicer) Voices: "No, it wasn't me! I swear, I didn't tell anybody about your..." (spoken by NIGEL, UK) "No, Babe, please, it's not what you think it is!....err, let me explain.....we're just friends...." (spoken by DRAGONDICER, Germany) "Err....I just don't know what happened, man! I really sent you that money order. And that's honest!..." (spoken by ALLAN, Singapore) VERSE #1: Lies, lies, nothing but lies Is what you're all about I can't believe how you treat your friends It makes me scream and shout Envy, jealousy, malicious intrigue That's all you seem to know As soon as someone turns his back You're ready for the show REFRAIN: GO TO HELL AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! GO TO HELL !!!! Voices: "He'll never know who did this to him! Har, har, har, har!" (spoken by MICHEL, France) "I know I promised! But I'm not willing to pay you any more....." (spoken by WILL, USA) "Last night we told you 'bout two missionaries from the "Church of Jesus Christ" at Lauderdale Saints who were shot in Virginia. Tonight we have more details: 21-year-old........." ( reported by a News Station) VERSE #2: You two faced bastards, scheming creeps That's what you are to me Can't stand the way you pretend to be a friend While you only live for greed Betrayal, vengeance, agony You start my heart to bleed Isn't there a way for you To live with us in peace REFRAIN: GO TO HELL AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! GO TO HELL !!!! ""RANT sw: ON"" PEOPLE LIKE THOSE JUST PISS ME OFF!!! (spoken by Dragondicer, Germany) Aaaaaah!!! ::Guitar Solo:: ""RANT sw: OFF"" "TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN!", (spoken by Dragondicer, Germany) "Well, it don't confine me, long as I get my money by Friday" (Spoken by Bob, USA)