Complicated Life
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Rodrica: Music/lyrics/vocals/production. Gene Hilbert: Guitar. Special thanks to Gene for his expertise and superb guitar work on this crossover bluesy/rock/pop track.
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May 01, 2009
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Rodrica Rudge/Gene Hilbert © Rodrica Rudge/Gene Hilbert (Song reg. with GISC)
Story behind the song
A song about following your head and not your heart. Life gets complicated when you don't let go of some of the past. I was privileged to have Gene Hilbert play guitar on this track. Gene is a professional guitar player from Atlanta USA, with decades of experience, and is available for live gigs, tours, private functions and studio session work. He can be contacted via his soundclick page
Complicated Life You keep on talking Do you have a point, Or are we walking aimlessly? Tell me more or tell me less 'Cause either way, you know it's just An invitation to the losing side In your complicated life. Complicated, complicated life You say you're sharing All those little plans, Or are you wearing someone down. Though I watch the things you do My admiration follows you I'm passing up the chance to hitch a ride In your complicated life. Complicated, complicated life You keep on moving In and out my space, My sorcerer, my thief, my clown, All the ends are left undone, Too loose to strangle anyone, Won't take the blame 'cause you won't say goodbye In you complicated life. Complicated, complicated life. You won't say goodbye Complicated, complicated life. © 2010 Rodrica Rudge Music