Stranger In My Garden
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A ballad combining eerie and haunting images with powerful dramatic phrasing.
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March 02, 2009
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Rodrica Rudge © 2006 Rodrica Rudge (Song registered with GISC)
Story behind the song
We all create a kind of "garden" for ourselves - a secure and safe existence. But when we find that someone we thought we knew well turns out to be a stranger, then our perfect "garden" takes on new, sinister elements of insecurity and doubt.
STRANGER IN MY GARDEN Verse 1 I see all the faces now Reflected in the dewy flowers, Grinning from their palace full of mirrors. It's easier to walk away And live to fight another day Than sit beside the jokers and the sinners. Chorus There's a stranger in my garden Turning morning into night, If I'd only known the shadows could tell me As much as the light... Oh Stranger in my garden. Verse 2 Whispering through twisted trees A rumour on a restless breeze, Footsteps on the path of least resistance. Entwined beneath the ground I tread, Entanglements and broken threads Are lying there and question my existence. Rpt chorus Bridge Now I know it's time to say goodbye You're a stranger, you're a stranger Gonna walk away. Rpt chorus. © 2006 Rodrica Rudge Music