Dark Eyes Of The Clown
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Written, performed & produced by Rodrica Rudge. Quirky pop/alternative funky song looking at the subject of deception.
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January 07, 2012
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Rodrica Rudge © Rodrica Rudge Music (song registered with GISC)
Story behind the song
A metaphorical look at deception. We are often surprised by the reaction or actions of those we think we know well. The "showman" or person in the public eye can alter perceptions by being charming and amusing. Often the best showman gets the votes or support rather than a more genuine, less flamboyant contender. We all change due to circumstances and experiences. Often we unwittingly wrong-foot those who think they know us.
Dark Eyes Of The Clown Looking out for my enemies But I got wounded by a friend, Didn't think I'd need the armour When there's nothing to defend. How I laugh, how I fool myself But there's a truth in what I say, Oh, oh, but it's all okay, I live on the flip side anyway. And the carousel turns around (yeah), When I look in the dark eyes of the clown. Looking out for a cutting edge, The words were sharper than a blade, It amused the audience And they all followed the charade. Gotta smile at the irony, Somehow the showman's in control, Oh, oh now he's got a hold, By selling the secrets that he stole. It's a demon who wears the crown (yeah), When I look in the dark eyes of the clown. Looking out through a window pane, I see a face that I once knew, Now it's staring back at me From an exclusive avenue. Running back down the alley way And on the streets inside my head, Oh, oh and my heart has bled For the things that were always left unsaid. And it's me that I've often found (yeah), When I look in the dark eyes of the clown. When I look in the dark eyes of the clown (of the clown) Of the clown (of the clown) Oh, of the clown. © 2012 Rodrica Rudge Music.