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A funky 70's throwback about the way music 'used to be'
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July 31, 2007
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Z. Mulls/Ron Tintner © 2007
Story behind the song
I've thought a lot about how the experience of music has changed. It's not just the sound (from analog to digital) -- it's a more private experience now. I wrote the lyric about "how it was then." Ron Tintner had the perfect musical sense for it, and gave it a funky 70's LP sound, with plenty of funny musical "asides", and he made some great tweaks to the lyric.
Hauling off to college with a couple milk crates full of thirty-threes Unpacking my LPs Studying the liner notes with long-haired beauties lying on the floor Putting on side four (Was) a time when even album art was consequential Images and words concealing meaning and potential Up till three AM discussing matters existential Oh Vinyl Ohh Needle's in the groove Vinyl Ohh Needle's in the groove Stack them on the spindle, watch them drop and turn the bass up to the max Count off your favorite tracks Watch the label spinning, read it upside-down and sideways, you're the star Playing air guitar Call your girlfriend over singing words that are flirtatious Hoping Van McCoy will help you hustle 'round the bases Hear the record skip when you're just getting down to cases Oh Vinyl Ohh Needle's in the groove Vinyl Ohh Needle's in the groove Columbia House Ten for a penny Plus shipping Strawberry Fields Track makes you feel like You're tripping? Barry White Marvin Gaye What's Going On? Slip Away? Was a time when music didn't sound like so much digital debris Stacked up on your PC Was a time when music wasn't stuck behind your headphones on the street Who're you gonna meet? Was a time when music had the crackle of vibration Filling in the details of your dangling conversation Falling trees don't make a sound in isolation Oh Vinyl Ohh Needle's in the groove Vinyl Ohh Needle's in the groove