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Covenantal Theology
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January 12, 2012
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seal da zeal © Synod of Dort Productions
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I've always loved that Hall and Oates track and this idea came.
Sarah smile Your son Isaac/Doing Well/ YHWH Faithfulness/Mom It Never fails/ Though at times I am frail/God Love is Deep/ Deep Deep Deeper/ than Any Well/ Sarah smile/Your son Isaac/ YHWH’s Elect/ Glory to the Highest/ God’s Love/How I prize it/ He took my heart/Circumcized it In Abram’s Seed/We’re Blessed/ Name changed to Abraham/ Belief accounted Righteousness/ Above all the peoples on the Earth/ God choose to make our Dirt/ into his Church/ Like Jesus going up to the Cross/ Emptying himself for the sake of the Lost/ I went up Mount Moriah/With Faith in my Father’s God/ Soli Deo Gloria/ Sarah Smile Your Grandson Jacob/ God’s kept us clean/like a Tape Up/ Change my name from Jacob to Israel/ YHWH showed himself/He is Real/ Used us as the Light of the World/ Though at times to our shame/ we hid our pearls/ Though at times to our shame/ we cursed the world/ God lifted us up/ Like a Curl/ He disciplines like a Father should/ He doesn’t hate his child or spare the wood/ It’s all good/ We came out of Captivity/With the Promise seed of Christ/ We got the victory/ David Seed Who sits on the Throne/ His Truth is sweeter than a Honeycomb/ Gone/ So/Prone/ to run from the His Light/ By his Grace/The Church is a Beautiful site/ Blessed Redemptive History/Da Gospel what a Mystery/ Ahead of our time/sorta Like Pistol Pete/ A unilateral Covenant/Was given to the Sheep/ YHWH swore upon himself To Complete/No way to compete/ Don’t let any leaven in/It begs the Question then/ This is da Salvations scripture Defends/ Salvation by Grace through Faith/ Anything added to that/ is just Waste/ Nothing adds to Grace/It’s truly unmerited Favor/ No one rejects Grace/given by God Da Creator/ Heed the Message friends/Run it back again/ The Covenant Grace/Is ah win win/ Gospel History/I pray this seed/Grows into a Tree In your Family/ This is Candid speech/Sarah’s Seed brought the prince of Peace Sarah’s smiling at the Nation’s Reached/Go Preach