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Vocals By Kate Lesing
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August 24, 2013
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Music By Alex Cooper © William A Cooper
Story behind the song
Lyrics Written by Michael Teuber Music by Alex Cooper
You take me on a trip through space and time I grab this frozen moment and make it mine, all mine And I'll forget the things I left behind I gladly kiss this shortlived mess goodbye So put your arms around me and shut the door We're gonna get higher, higher, than we've ever been before (So) take the keys to my dreams, to wonder and explore We're gonna get higher, higher, like angels passing Everlasting We will stand when the walls fall down And the flood has drowned everything in sight We face the storm on stony grounds Giving us shelter in a starless night Like the circle, like the ring Like the ancient songs they sing Love is the first thing and the last thing Everlasting