Guns of Madness
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Acoustic protest song for the leaders of our world to listen to and give thought (Yeah right!)
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July 12, 2006
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Ian Mackay © Ian Mackay
Take your hands from off that flag now because you can't criticise what you don't believe in. It won't be long before you understand now The truth in those lies that you used for deceiving. Leave those fliers in your hands now Don't swap them with the guns of madness Ignore the politicians lies now It's up to you to change this world of sadness But you can change your life You can go the long way round to me You can change your life And I will gladly stand out in the rain I've been here my whole life And I can taste your tears on my lips again Who can change your life? Only you, but you're not with me. I can't believe the things they're saying Two million people rise against them Take us to war and think you're praying? The people killed don't need your wisdom No Magic wand that you can fashion to resurrect the laws you've broken Do you see the people's hope come crashing? Listen to their Silence spoken.