On and on
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An attempt at conceptual rock
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May 11, 2006
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Curt Homan
Story behind the song
Matt: The idea here was to express the boring nature of daily life by writing a song called "on and on" that goes on and on. Unfortunately or fortunately, it doesn't go on anywhere nearly as long as Hey Jude or Desolation Row or Taxi, or even MacArthur Park, so the joke falls a little flat. Ron: recorded in January 1984 at Mudwest, which was nothing more than a cheap ($175/month) one bedroom duplex out on Mud Bay Drive; about a mile past Cooper Point Road in Olympia. Most of "On and On" is lost, but I included it because it's a good sample of how much everyone (ok, Me and Mike) hated playing it and would take every chance to try to juice it up, screw it up, or generally try to get through it. We played it live on KAOS, but the copy I have of that session had omitted it as well, so this is really the only recording I have of that song.
on and on blah blah blah on and on blah blah blah on and on yadda yadda